Thursday, 12 April 2018


makeup DIYs hacks and tutorials. How to fix broken eyeshadows and compact powders

Who else has had this problem... you buy that highly coveted new palette of eyeshadows/ blushes/ highlighters... and your favourite shade inevitably smashes, ruining your makeup bag and your dreams 😖 Ugh! Read on for my tutorial on how to fix broken eyeshadows + powders! Saving you money, time and space❣️

Before I attended professional makeup school, smashed powders were one of my biggest beauty bug bears. The inconvenience, the wasted money and products.. the mess!!! Handbags and makeup bags full of smashed eyeshadows and powder means hours of cleanup, money wasted on replacement products and more clutter or unnecessary waste, which is never a friend to us or our planet! I may not be able to wave a magic wand that stops compact powders from breaking, as it's in the hands of the manufacturers to create packaging to prevent it, but I can pass on my knowledge, and teach you how to fix them when they do, as well as how to condense your powder palettes to minimise clutter! 

The highlighter set featured in the video is Pro Supreme Highlighter Gold by Revolution. I found no less than 5 of these half empty palettes in my sisters makeup bag, and was able to condense them into 2 full palettes using the techniques in my video 🤗

Now let's get to it and learn how to fix broken eyeshadows! If you enjoy this tutorial please follow me / subscribe to my Jurassica Explains It All Youtube Channel so you don't miss my upcoming makeup DIY and tutorial videos, featuring tricks of the trade from a professional makeup artist (hey, that's me 😝)! 

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Thanks for watching! If you're into special FX makeup, you might want to check out my FX makeup tutorial post on how to create injury simulations using beauty makeup🖤 And as always, if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them, so get in touch!

Happy mending!!

Love, love, love!

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