Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Bride at White Ladies Priory, Staffordshire.
Well hello my loves! I'm back with another playlist, inspired by a week of witchy wonder, which has led me down yet another rabbit hole questing for knowledge! If watching Youtube documentaries and reading non fiction was a paying job,  I'd be sitting on a big ole pile of gold right now 😅

I doubt this will be my last post on the topic of witches or the paranormal! I have been enthralled by ancient practices and the parasciences since a young age. The landscapes of my childhood are rich with sacred sites and ancient ruins, bursting with history, legends and myths, such as the one in this weeks title image; White Ladies Priory in Shropshire. Where, surrounded by the energy of this 12th Century monastic site, I have made many fond memories whilst searching for answers to the secrets of the universe!

Despite my week of dark ages and the creeping white lady title image, this weeks playlist has actually turned out to be quite a jolly one, more in keeping with the witchy stylings of Samantha Stephens and Sabrina Spellman than The Three Witches of Macbeth! Mixing crooners, jazz, classic rock and folk! Enjoy!

 "It's Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus"

I'll be back soon with some beauty tips I have been saving up... literally for a rainy day... as well as more music and witchy wonders!

Until next time, creep it real folks!

Love, love love!

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