Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Hey guys! I've been waiting to share this playlist for weeks, today seemed perfect as it's been so. bloody.cold yet so sunny, with flurries of what looked like artificial snow?!

I'm on borrowed internet, as my mobile network has decided to join the wifi in it's vendetta... so I will keep this brief! I'm a winter baby of the 80s...so this weeks playlist is made up of some of my favourite new wave, goth, post punk whatever-else-you-wanna-add-in songs from the decade, that I like to accompany me on crisp winter days such as today! Enjoy!!

Love, love love!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Hello my loves! I hope you are all well!

I have a lovely playlist to share with you today, but first a little update! February is proving to be a tough-tech month in ye old Shire...with faulty modems, dodgy WIFI and smartphones all testing our patience and delaying productivity! But, such is the price for rural living, and so we persevere! Hopefully our Wifi woes are over and I will be able to get my second FX Hacks tutorial up by the end of the week! If you missed it, check out the first tutorial in my "Injury Simulations Using Beauty Makeup" series here.

Now to the music! This weeks playlist was inspired by a mug, designed by the lovely Sarah at Made by Mustard in Bridgnorth. Be sure to check out her wonderful collection of homewares and eclectic selection of workshops here

It's finally Friday💃🏼❣️I wasn't sure it would ever come, it's been a hectic one❣️I picked up one of these amazing mugs for my girl @thegohemian for her birthday this week, and I love the design so much it's inspired this weeks love themed playlist! Why be "normal" when you can be yourself🤣?! If you're in Bridgnorth be sure to visit Sarah and her adorable pup Douglas @made_by_mustard the store is so cute, full of unique gifts and many wonderful workshops to take part in! Stay weird kids💗 playlist going up after my scary meeting this afternoon 😂💪 *** #Repost @made_by_mustard with @get_repost ・・・ Happy Valentine’s Day guys! A fair few of these have flown out the door over the last few days - wonder if the recipients will appreciate them 😂 #youweirdo #loveisintheair #myfavorite #valentinesday #alternativegifts #alternativevalentines #buylocal #buyindie #shopsmall #shoplocal #handmade #handmadegifts #bankstreetbridgnorth #shropshire #bridgnorth
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And now for some tunes!  I didn't set out to make such a female heavy playlist, but I'm happy it turned out that way, especially as it was inspired by the creativity of a local lady boss! I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to let your inner weirdo out!  I may have snuck a song from my Saint Motel friends in there, just in case 😚

Stay weird kids!

Love, love, love!

Monday, 5 February 2018


Hello loves, I hope you're all settling into February well! 

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought it the perfect time to introduce you to Susie Scarecrow, a special FX character looking for love, whom I created back in October using practical out-of-kit FX!

Susie began as a desire to create a Scarecrow monster for Halloween inspiration, and took on a whole new life once infront of the camera!  See Susie's Lovestruck Monsters lonely hearts video below! Will she find a monster love in time for Valentines day?!

I really enjoyed being Susie, I didn't so much create her as she just came out!  I don't think this will be the last we see of her...

A list of the supplies used to create Susie can be found below!

I will be doing an in depth tutorial on this makeup as well as the practical FX techniques used very soon. For my tutorial on Cuts/ Scratch FX using beauty makeup see here

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Be sure to follow me for updates on upcoming tutorials!

Love, love, love!

Saturday, 3 February 2018


Hey guys!  Has anyone tried out my FX hack "Cut/ Scratch" tutorial yet? I'd love to see your work if you have!

I'm currently editing the second tutorial in the series, a beauty makeup FX hack for "fresh bruises"! Follow me on Instagram for updates on when it goes live as well as behind the scenes shots from my JurassicAdventures on set!

Talking of adventures on set, I'd like to share with you a music video I had the pleasure to work on at the end of last year for the band Eliza and the Bear.

Check it out below!

Director: Tom Leishman DOP: Catherine Derry Focus Puller: Andrew Bradley Producer: Lisa Dawson Production Manager: Hannah Lane Gaffer: Kevin Gardner Spark: John Wenman Props: Steve Oakes Props: Laura Schotter SFX Make up: Romina Dietrich SFX Make up: Gergö Sipos SFX Make up: Jessica Biddle SFX Make up: Tóth Szandra Devil: Wiktoria Slowikowska Performer 1: Alexander Luttley Performer 2: Joe Davis Performer 3: Sian Taylor Performer 4: Michelle Buckley Performer 5: Lizzie West Performer 6: Chris jeffers Performer 7: Cheski Granger Performer 8: Bboy Teflon Performer 9: Bboy Youva

Music videos combine two of my favourite passions, so I am always delighted when the opportunity to work on one comes my way! And of course any chance I get to make some monsters is a dream come true for this girl!

The band, crew and performers involved on this shoot were some all so talented and down to earth, and it think it really shows in the video! I hope you enjoy it! You can catch Eliza and the Bear on tour this Spring in the UK, details here!

Love, love, love! 

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Hello my lovelies!! Welcome to the first of my new series of special FX makeup hacks and tutorials; "Injury Simulations Using Beauty Makeup"!

I've got so many fun tricks to show you, all of which can be adapted and built on to create many different FX, and all created using products found in most beauty makeup kits! You'll be a pro by the time Halloween comes around without having spent a penny!

So let's get stuck in to the first tutorial... cuts and scratches! 

* Apologies for the low video quality, it makes me sad, but I am restrained to using my phone while I raise funds for a decent camera. *



  1. Use concealer, buffed out with a blender brush, to highlight around the area of the injury. This will simulate swelling. 
  2. Use pink or well blended out red eyeshadow around the cut for "sore" skin
  3. Outline the shape of the cut with eyeliner and a thin brush, before going over it with deep red eyeshadow. Eyeliner underneath red eyeshadow will add depth to the wound
  4. Mix lipsticks to create a "blood" colour if your lipstick isn't the right shade. Apply with a thin brush. 
  5. Use gloss/ lip oil to add shine to the "blood" and create the illusion of blood flow.

And there we have it! If you have a go at creating your own injuries, please share them/ tag me, I'd love to see them! And if you have any questions, requests or comments please leave them below!

Follow me for details on the upcoming second part of the series "Fresh Bruises", on the way soon! 

Love, love, love