Thursday, 1 February 2018


Hello my lovelies!! Welcome to the first of my new series of special FX makeup hacks and tutorials; "Injury Simulations Using Beauty Makeup"!

I've got so many fun tricks to show you, all of which can be adapted and built on to create many different FX, and all created using products found in most beauty makeup kits! You'll be a pro by the time Halloween comes around without having spent a penny!

So let's get stuck in to the first tutorial... cuts and scratches! 

* Apologies for the low video quality, it makes me sad, but I am restrained to using my phone while I raise funds for a decent camera. *



  1. Use concealer, buffed out with a blender brush, to highlight around the area of the injury. This will simulate swelling. 
  2. Use pink or well blended out red eyeshadow around the cut for "sore" skin
  3. Outline the shape of the cut with eyeliner and a thin brush, before going over it with deep red eyeshadow. Eyeliner underneath red eyeshadow will add depth to the wound
  4. Mix lipsticks to create a "blood" colour if your lipstick isn't the right shade. Apply with a thin brush. 
  5. Use gloss/ lip oil to add shine to the "blood" and create the illusion of blood flow.

And there we have it! If you have a go at creating your own injuries, please share them/ tag me, I'd love to see them! And if you have any questions, requests or comments please leave them below!

Follow me for details on the upcoming second part of the series "Fresh Bruises", on the way soon! 

Love, love, love 

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