Saturday, 3 February 2018


Hey guys!  Has anyone tried out my FX hack "Cut/ Scratch" tutorial yet? I'd love to see your work if you have!

I'm currently editing the second tutorial in the series, a beauty makeup FX hack for "fresh bruises"! Follow me on Instagram for updates on when it goes live as well as behind the scenes shots from my JurassicAdventures on set!

Talking of adventures on set, I'd like to share with you a music video I had the pleasure to work on at the end of last year for the band Eliza and the Bear.

Check it out below!

Director: Tom Leishman DOP: Catherine Derry Focus Puller: Andrew Bradley Producer: Lisa Dawson Production Manager: Hannah Lane Gaffer: Kevin Gardner Spark: John Wenman Props: Steve Oakes Props: Laura Schotter SFX Make up: Romina Dietrich SFX Make up: Gergö Sipos SFX Make up: Jessica Biddle SFX Make up: Tóth Szandra Devil: Wiktoria Slowikowska Performer 1: Alexander Luttley Performer 2: Joe Davis Performer 3: Sian Taylor Performer 4: Michelle Buckley Performer 5: Lizzie West Performer 6: Chris jeffers Performer 7: Cheski Granger Performer 8: Bboy Teflon Performer 9: Bboy Youva

Music videos combine two of my favourite passions, so I am always delighted when the opportunity to work on one comes my way! And of course any chance I get to make some monsters is a dream come true for this girl!

The band, crew and performers involved on this shoot were some all so talented and down to earth, and it think it really shows in the video! I hope you enjoy it! You can catch Eliza and the Bear on tour this Spring in the UK, details here!

Love, love, love! 

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