Tuesday, 6 March 2018


photo taken at the old LA zoo, Griffith Park

Hello, hello my dears! Well, March is off to a cracking start! Despite the mild chaos and deep freeze from Storm Emma, Spring is finally breaking through! I'm starting to settle into my new self-employed life, after what feels like years of preparation, and my diary is booking up nicely! With the warmer Spring air and blooming opportunities, I feel like I can breathe again! Don't you just adore Spring?!

Yet.. our internet is still down😤

So although I am feeling remarkably peaceful this week, I am going to share a playlist I put together recently that is entirely un-peaceful haha! Dedicated to our Wifi provider, (who ordinarily I would name and shame, but I'm not about disturbing my peace by inviting negativity in today)😇

This playlist is made up of mostly fun-but-angry metal jams from the Naughties. Aptly named decade considering my friends and I spent a lot of it throwing wild shapes, venting teen anger and dancing in the cage of our local rock club! Naughty naughties! So if you're up for a touch of noisy nostalgia, or feeling some rage you'd like to unleash, hit that play button and, in the words of my local Slade brothers... "cum on feel the noize"!

Here's a bit of Jurassic trivia for you...when I was in college, an ex of mine and I went to see American Headcharge play a show, both dressed as the nurse in the music video on the above playlist. The band saw us and invited us onto the stage to dance during the song with them, so of course we did! 🤡👩‍⚕️

As always, let me know if you enjoyed this weeks jams! I'll be back with another adventures of a makeup artist post later, it's a goodun!! And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes on my Jurassic adventures! I might just have a few rage-in-the-cage throwbacks to share this week😝

Love, love love!

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